Monday, November 21, 2011

CTLE supports faculty up for review, graduate students on the job market

You may have read the recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune regarding policies on post-tenure reviews. As one of the comments to this article points out, we already have a post-tenure review process in place. What you may not have already known is that the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence can help University of Utah instructors prepare the teaching-related components of their tenure review packages. These same services can also be useful for graduate students preparing to go on the job market.

Among our services for instructors we include:

  • Syllabi and materials review - help to make sure your classes get started on the right track. The end of Fall term is a great time to contact us about your Spring classes!
  • Collecting student feedback - we can do this at midterm through a variety of methods, and we also manage the end-of-term Student Course Feedback system. We can also help you interpret the feedback you receive, and work with you on ways to address the feedback.
  • In-class observations - having a trained pedagogical expert observe your class and provide you with feedback cannot only help you improve your teaching, but can also be included in your portfolio as evidence of your commitment to teaching excellence.
  • USET - Our Undergraduates Student Experts on Teaching can observe your class and provide you with feedback from the student perspective, paired with resources from our center. You can also pair up with a USET student on a teaching-related project to help improve your students' classroom experience. See the USET website for further details.
  • Peer-observations - we can provide you and your colleagues with support to create a culture of peer-review related to teaching in your department. We can offer forms and other resources to aid with the observations themselves and workshops on what to look for and how to conduct a teaching consultation. If you haven't identified a peer in your home department who is willing to work with you, we can help you identify other instructors on campus.
Consider calling on us at anytime, not just when you are up for review! We are here to support excellence in teaching and learning on the University of Utah campus year-round.

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