Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teaching Online

For many reasons, more and more courses are going online. Are you prepared to teach online?

If not, there are many resources available to you at the University of Utah. At CTLE we teach 2 courses aimed specifically at preparing instructors to teach online. UGS 6510: Cyberpedagogy introduces you to the similarities and differences between teaching face-to-face and in an online learning environment. You'll learn about best practices in online education and have the opportunity to begin developing tools for an online course of your own. UGS 6520: Advanced Cyberpedagogy is an opportunity to continue building an online course, or improve an existing one, with the guidance of experts in pedagogy and technology from CTLE and TACC. The best part about these courses? They are conducted fully online, so you can experience the course from the perspective of a student and as an instructor in an online course.

TACC (the Technology Assisted Curriculum Center) is currently accepting proposals for grants to support the development of online courses. On their website you can find recommended practices for online courses, developed in cooperation with CTLE.

Not sure if online is right for you or your course? We will also be offering a workshop on online teaching this coming Friday - there is still time to register, so take advantage of this opportunity to get free guidance regarding the advantages and disadvantages of teaching online! This workshop will be held face-to-face, as well as in a synchronous Wimba format.

Finally, our current issue of lessons is now online. The current issue is chock full of insights and commentary from students, as well as interviews with professors, relevant to teaching and learning online.

Did you know?
CTLE offers evaluations of courses, including online courses, and consultations with instructors. These services are available for free to anyone involved in instruction at the U. Request an evaluation or consultation today!

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